I made the mistake of watching Villu. I have never considered Ghilli and the so called Pokkiri as movies worth watching. The only movie of Vijay I still consider good is Kadhaluku Mariyadhai where he was his self. But down the line he has lost his self style and always wears a mask. In Villu you can say 90% Rajini and 10% MGR. So the movie simply looks like a lollu sabha.

From the begining till the ending there is not a single scene worth watching. The peak of insanity is they promoted this movie as Indian James Bond movie. Either they have watched only few of James Bonds movie posters are they assumed the movie watchers are bird brained.

I always though Azhwar was the worst in Tamil Cinema now Villu will give a stiff competition to that.

When Sivaji was dished out by Shankar, there was disappointment. People expected more from Shankar - Rajini Combo. Same was the case with Dasavatharam. Rajini himself is shying away from doing such mindless one man shows(though people are ready to accept it only from him). When people try to better themselves from their previous movie here we have Vijay who thinks he can do all 70's and 80's masala and can reinvent the frenzy. But would Vijay have learnt his lesson? I dont think so. He goes out all the way to promote this hopless movie as a blockbuster. With certain medias playing along with him no doubt he will still be called a Mass star for very long time atleast in paper and other medias.


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