Whats the name?

The place where buses stop in the center of the road with no care of road users
The place where passengers get down from the bus wherever they feel rather than waiting for the bus stop
The place where not a single soul respects traffic rules
The place where blind people drive vehicles and brain dead people walk the road
The place where you will be abused if you follow any rules
The place where public authorities find excuses for not implementing rules
The place where people with suicidal tendancies roam around

If with all these clues you couldnt identify the city then please use brailey blog by clicking on the link above


Niths said…
My god!! You have given too many clues and made the answer very easy to find :) Jokes apart its sad to think we live in that city...
Anonymous said…
hey hi
I am back here. So still facing troubles with the cityuh!!

Give everyone a break. Things will change but in due course not overnight.

There r forums which r continuously educating ppl about rules.

Dont worry. Rest in peace.

Dont try to change the bribers. Either U will be changed characterwise or KILLED. Beware :-)
Dan said…

things will change? ya sure for worse. i agree.
Niths said…

have we not waited all these yrs?? What has changed for good?? Only when changes happen at some decent speed, people will get hope. If we need to wait 10 yrs for a small positive change, no one will like to live there :(
Vijayan said…
Hai Anon

That GN chetty road end which is connect cenotaph road, there it was signal systems now they removed it once opened the new bridge, bcoz of this there are so many accidents happening everyday. Those who are coming that side occasionally don’t know, Now that place is more vulnerable zone to accident

As U said, things will change but not overnight, we agreed only for certain things not for all. We’ll have to give priority

Delaying every single minute we losing one life. Life is more valuable than other things.

While we driving how many thing should concentrate

1) Digs and pits along the road
2) Where there were no medians
3) Where there were no signals
4) Where there were no proper lines Such as zebra Crossing
5) People’s lack of knowledge
6) While we concentrate on the road in the night dust will go into our eyes. We cant wear wiser in the night bcoz opposite vehicle may come in high beam.
We can say lot…

All these things happening bcoz of liberty nor bribe nor selfish ness …

How many movies & advertisement to proclaim the good thing but nothing is changed

Though we wait till more 10 years things will not changed.

There is an only one way, we’ve enough plans and rules but they’re not imply it strictly into real life just for the systems

Traffic commissioner saying we’ve CCTV control system. Are they have taken any action from seeing it, nothing as of now.

I knew the pain of accident.
S.Srikanthan said…
@ Anon,

India will never change.

Given a little chance, I would vacate. Sad Truth.

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