Apocalypse now

After hearing a lot about this movie, I got the chance to see this. The movie unfolds with an interesting plot of a captain who is sent on a mission to kill top guy in the same army who the army feels has gone insane.

The first scene itself tells you what to expect, which is a surreal movie. The captain then goes on a long journey to meet the top guy through a river. The things he encounters on the way and the final meet with the top guy itself forms the crux of the movie.

We are taken through some stunning visuals. Helicopters has never been used as it is used in this movie. We can also see how this movie has set some high standard for war movies.
The movie is not based on true incidents rather it is based on a novel, the theme of which has been changed totally for this movie.

Marlon Brando has very little screen space but since the entire movie is based on the waiting for his arrival he becomes very important for the movie. Martin Sheen is the star of the movie. The movie during the later half becomes very confusing like The Beach. The characters just go on and on with some philosophy which I was not intelligent enough to understand.

The last scene is very violent if you dont have the stomach for extreme scenes it will be difficult for you to sit through it.


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