Writing about this film just after watching in DVD. When this movie was released it received lot of rave reviews but when I heard about the story of the movie though I appreciated it I was a little put off. I was put of because I felt good buy turning bad and bad guy winning kind of story is negative and I didnt want to sit through a Bala kind of Negative film.

Though I haven't watched the directors previous attempt Chithiram Pesuthadi I had seen few scenes from the movie and that is one hell of a tear jerker. I expected Anjathey to be on those lines. But in the end the movie proved me wrong. Bad guy Naren becomes a SI and good guy his friend fails the exam and all of this happens within the first half n hour of this marathon 3 hours movie. The other 2.5 hours Mysskin takes us through some familiar tracks and some unfamiliar tracks.

The movie does remind us of movies like Dalapathi, Kaaka Kaaka and other Gautham Menon style films.

So is the movie good? Yes. Is it different? Yes. Is it sad? Yes. Does it have heroism? Yes.

One thing I observed was the story doesnt make one film artistic. This movie is called art movie by many movie buffs. If the same story is given to Shankar or Maniratnam or Vishnuvardhan the movie would still have had the same story but different style and people would have called it style with no substance. So only the artists (mostly unknown faces with rough and tough look), art, location makes the movie artistic and not the story.

One other thing is the movie has enough perversion to make you cringe in your seat. Raping of minors, viewing through bathroom door a naked girl, Viewing a dress changing girl through a mirror etc etc. Could Mysskin have made the movie without these scenes? Yes I bet he could have but still he has gone ahead with such scenes.

The movie is too long it starts off somewhere and ends somewhere and at some places we do feel come on get it over with. Especially the climax scene at sugar cane field. If only it was reduced by 30 mins it might have been racier. But its Mysskin's call, its his product.

If you havent watched the movie yet, please do so you wont regret watching it.


Vijayan said…
Ya it's really gud movie and real story which is represents our world. especially that kathalai kannala kutthathe song pretty gud without glamour.

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