Build up

Read this news.

The amount of build up given by media is just awesome. They say as if Asin has almost become a master of Kalaripayatu. We dont even know what is Kalaripayatu. Suddenly this term is getting used as if its like some art we practice daily.

I dont know in how many scenes Asin will actually be doing Kalari... It might have a total screen time of 1 minute in the overall movie where you might get to see her doing that art. This 1 minute itself is an exaggarated number. I dont know if she really gave the interview but if she did then she claims like she has to undergo so many hardships to learn the art. Its like Uma Thurman getting trained under a martial arts expert in Kill Bill.

This is not new actors and actresses do claim tall things. People who act blind in movies always say they observed blind people very closely. People who act as police always say they observed Thevaram very closely to learn the nuances. I dont believe in any of these craps.

They give the same hype saying Rajini has only arugam pul juice in morning with avicha ver kadalai, Simbu jumped from 200th floor without asking for a dupe, Kamal hassan spent 23 hours for getting into old ladys make up etc. Its all nonsense.

I wont blame the medias but if someone believes what the media says then I would only blame him.


Vijayan said…
Ur Genius, bcoz reading all the craps and make awareness among the people but I never read or hear or view these kind of craps :)
S.Srikanthan said…
Pls dont tell anything abt Asin.
I am her fan :-P

Not to forget abt Rajni. He is ThenIndiya GANDHI as called by fans.
Niths said…
Infact your blog is like newspaper to me these days :) But I would like to add "newspaper without any hype and one that speaks fact and truth"

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