Masala Mix


Saw this movie last week. The movie had some very interesting stuff. The movie starts off as a usual movie with a group of friends supporting a pair and helping them to elope. It might look like another Alaigal Oivathilai.

But the movie doesnt end with the lovers eloping the movie just starts from that point. The actors are a treat to watch. Though it has some cliches like friends doing anything for another friend the movie ends with a different message.

The three new girls in the movie look good but can they survive in Tamil film industry? They might be only used for sister characters who knows?


The other movie I saw during last week was this movie by Steven Spielberg. This came with some high recomendation from a friend. Since the theme was also my favorite (Road movies) I went for this and loved it.

The movie has very little conversation as such but keeps you glued to the screen for its entire run time. Though the ending was little bit hurried the movie as a whole was good especially the locale and atmosphere.

After seeing this I was able to see what must have inspired Death Proof or Jeepers Creepers.


S.Srikanthan said…
can v go again to nadodigal ;-)
Dan said…
we two are the only nadodies
Vijayan said…
No probs, I'll also join so now v r three nadodies to full fill the movie story. Let us find three new girls to our Nadodiy team
S.Srikanthan said…
ada!! yarappa ivaru?? :-)

Welcome to the nadodi gang :-P
Dan said…
:O sambo siva sambo

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