The Medicos went on strike for want of increase in their stipend. The demands were like increase the stipend from 4500 to 10 K, from 10 K to 25 K and so on .. The Anna Salai was blocked by a group of Aanganwadi (sorry abt spelling) workers demanding their job should be made permanent and pay hike is needed. Banks have already announced strike in August.

The government in all issues will start like there is no chance of meeting the demands. Then there will be talks going on for a month and at the end 90% of the demands would be met.

Can such a thing be imagined in IT industry? People get pink slip just like that. They are not even given time to react. Before they could digest what happened they are out there in the road. We have not heard of a single case of protest.

Why the fuck that government is the only body which can be threatened to get your problems solved. The Jayalalitha incident is the only thing I can remember where the government dealt this problem with an iron hand. But she got a bad name for doing the right thing.


Anonymous said…

I m here again.

IT people get more salary than what everyone else get. if everyone starts complaining, then what will be the end result?
Do you know how much a govt staff at clerk level earns?
if that's the case, people will always go in the wrong path, getting bribes, being sluggish and careless etc..

India is a land where sentiments gets more priority than performance. And that's why govt job is always on the safer side.

Our basic system should change

1) Driving license only issued to cultured people.
2) Politicians should be a graduate with some first class marks.
3)Low income group should have a face lift. At least in terms of allowances.
4) Performance related salary should be introduced in govt jobs

These are only some measures.

With this, only we can bring in a change.

I would be happy to hear your opinion as well.

anon (as you call me)
Niths said…
Very true. But are those changes going to happen :(
Dan said…

you are saying as if if the govt employees start getting good salary then they will not take bribe. that is not right. if your logic should be true then may top brass in govt shldnt involve in any wrong things but that doesnt happen.

just to avoid bribe you cant suggest let all clerks be given 1 lac as montly salary. it is like saying to solve all problems let RBI start printing more money. thats a highly flawed logic.

regarding your other suggestions, i feel india there are enough rules but the implementation is where we falter. adding more rule will not solve the problem.

S.Srikanthan said…

Thot of avoiding to comment, but still tempted to.

mr. anon @ anonymous,

argument is not about govt ppl getting more sal ..

thing is , no one there is sincere bcos of lack of implementation of rules.....

I went to Indian bank continuously for 3 weekends for getting an entry in my pass book. Wat The HELL? is this the sincerity which the bank employees show? Bank Employes get lumpsome in terms of sal and if u r manager in bank, u get a good amount in BRIBE, GIFT etc... but why make ppl walk like this???

With the way u r voicing, i guess u r a govt employee :-) NOM though.

India and Indians will never change and even if they are willing to, there are some corrupt ppl who will pollute them and take them back to their normal unruly ways :-(

Sad fact indeed!!
Dan said…
well said srikantha ..

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