Dawn of the Dead - 2004

Just happened to watch the remake of the classic Romero's Dawn of the Dead. Trust me there are very few remakes that can better the original and Dawn of the Dead by Zack Snyder is definitley one. One reason is its not a scene by scene remake. Snyder has just taken the plot and built on it.

One important change is the way the Zombies move. They no more move slowly. They dont give you the chance to escape. This makes the movie even more gripping. There are more characters than the original. You even see a Zombie giving birth.

The scene where the zombies block their escape in their custom made vechile has been picturised in a gripping manner. Believe me there are some very gory scenes with a chain saw.

Here is the trailer of the movie. Where there is no room in Hell, The Dead will walk the Earth.


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