Where am I?

There was a forward post which I read few days back which went on like there was a man from the city who hit upon a lazy village on the coast where he noticed fishermen who were fishing and left after catching very few fishes. It goes on like he enquires them why they didnt fish more and receives an answer that the fish they caught is enough for them. He explains to them how if they fish more and sell it, they might get more money and with more money they can buy motorised boats, catch more fish and with that money move to a city and ear still more money. They ask what then and he answers that if they have so much money they can retire peacefuly in a coastal town. They say that, they are already peaceful in a coastal town.

From one angle you can notice that the story might be suggesting just do whatever is needed for the day and rest peacefuly. Now thats definitely a life style which I would like to live but for a second if you think what might have happened if stone age man had thought like that. There would be nothing in short I would not be typing such a story in The Internet and you will not be reading this.

It is amazing to see mans quest for more. Thats what has brought in so much inventions. The difference is also brought only by a select few. Majority, like me just use the inventions and live. Our contribution to this quest and evolution is very minimal. We lead a life where we dont do anything significant. We remains consumers till the end. If few intelligent men could bring forth such a change in this world, imagine if each and every man in the earth contributed to inventions. The world would have been far more sophisticated. May be all of us would have annnihilated ourselves who knows?


Nithya said…
Thought provoking.. Good article.
//We lead a life where we dont do anything significant//

romba correct mams. I think with half baked life style, nothing can be achieved. it is also tough to pursue something we love fulltime bcoz of the heavy duty environmental factors like family etc., as you rightly said, its pathetic that we are destined to only be as consumers and get raped by every single inventions from time to time.

anyways, how r u mams.

-- kitcha
Dan said…
@Nithya :)

@Kittu long time no see? i m fine thalaiva hows u?
Niths said…
Nice one :)
Dan said…
rendu nithya ore confusion
S.Srikanthan said…
this is chill stuff...
The more you are relaxed at your work, the less your brain works.

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