Swine Flu

Talking about swine flu has now become a fashion. Most of the people make silly jokes about it. Some tell about certain things happened to a certain guy who was affected by the flu and they know someone who knows that affected person. There are some who like to play a willing audience to such stories.

The media reacts in such a way with H1N1 written in such a big font that it occupies the entire front page. They make it sound like it has happened within our home. They keep scrolling tests "Chennai child still critical. High level panel formed" etc through night and day.

In the past the birdflu caused such a panic in India now we dont even know how the flu was eradicated. Our media is quick to blame the government and also to spread panic rather than being informative. Government too sometimes gives hopeless statements and add to the drama.

In a country where a slight scare of petrol bunk strike creates mile long queues and scares of XYZ bank going bankrupt causes panic with people forming queues in ATMs to withdraw their entire savings, this flu scare has only made them still worse.

Though the issue if this entire flu thing should be treated with utmost speed I have a feel as we mess 99% of the schemes we mess in times like this too.


Niths said…
When I read this article I was not aware of the tension created in India. But after 2 days I heard so much from people there, from news and through fwds... I wonder what measure and steps will be taken to handle this situation...

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