After a long time saw a Hindi movie which kept me glued onto the screen till the end. When this movie was released this was compared to American Beauty and Lolita. I have seen the former and felt Nishabd would not reach that status and ignored it.

Now when I caught this in channel E24 it was a pleasent surprise. A beautiful movie by RGV kudos to him. The main reason for liking this movie is the movie doesnt get preachy at any point. This is one movie when directed by moral police will end with a message. I m glad it didnt go that way.

Most of you by this time should be knowing the story is about a man of 60 years old falls in love with a girl of 18 years old. The mans family is shattered. The girl is sure of her love towards him and he is sure of his love towards her. But due to various pressures he is forced to send her out of his life. Now he has to go through humiliation by his wife and his daughter as they cant get this out of their head. He misses the 18 years old girl was in very much love with him. He decides to carry on with his life with her memories.

Amitabh comes up with a stellar performance. The scenes where he conveys the truth to his family, the dilemma he goes through, the moments of humiliation he portrays them excellently that we can sympathise with him.

Jiah Khan was portrayed as a item girl when this movie was released but there is not much skin show in this movie. She was good.

Certain moments between Amitabh and Jiah come as breezy.

I would be doing injustice if I dont mention about the background score which is awesome.

This movie raises lot of question is age a factor for falling in love? Can love happen for a married man? Can there be rules for love? You can fall in love between X to Y years. You cant fall in lvoe with people above Z years.

A movie which gave some satisfaction after long time.

PS : Moral polices stay awar from this movie.


S.Srikanthan said…
i have seen this movie in bits and pieces and to my knowledge, its a good movie. Amitabh rocks
Dan said…
see it fully but dont know if you will be able to appreciate you are not an old guy ;) like me n amitabh

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