Two Things

First Thing
Today there was a news about a Martui Omni ramming into a Govt bus and 10 people in the Omni died and one is critical. Now I dont want to be insensitive to the family which is already going through a nightmare but this incident (not accident) only raises question about the safety standards of our country. Is an Omni designed to carry 11 people?
Traffic police are only bystanders in our contry. Though they have all the power in their hands they are only ready to misuse it rather than use it. There might be people who will be violating the rule right under their nose who will go scot free but a person who violates rule in a empty road will be caught and fined. The sanctity of the rule is lost here.
As mentioned in my previous post, the death angels Black Taxis try to overtake from the left where there is only gap for a cycle to go and make you go to the extreme right closely followed by his retarded companion a Sumo. All these idiots who think through their ass are aged not more than 17 to 23.
A sense of fear should be instilled in these retards minds, a simple violation should be charged with the maximu fine and the rule should be ruthlessly followed. In India only fear works and that too only for a minimal %.
Unless this is done valuable lives will be lot everyday. The act of me surviving this chaos can only be termed as Miracle and nothing else. I know this is my umpteenth post on traffic and another ton will follow. I cant help it.
Second thing
Our broadcasting ministry is thinking of coming up with some new rule of giving copyright ownership to the creator as well. Till now the copyright is owned by the producer and not the director. If the new rule comes in then the director will also own the copyright.
Is this a right decision? On first look it might look it is right but there are so many questions in it. In software scenario the code which is created by a dveloper is owned by the client who pays for it. If the new rule is applied there who will own the code? People might say developer should own it but what about the designer? the tester? the planner?
Similarly in Cine industry too there are so many areas such as Choreography, Cinematography, Stroy, Screenplay, Fight etc now if copyright is given only to Director does it satisfy the need?
Knowing about indian think tanks who never think before they act, they might soon implement this and create a mess.
For me the existing rule of the guy who paid for the whole thing owns the right makes sense. The rule can be relaxed only for whoever is working on profit sharing mode than salary mode. Then again it cannot be blindly implemented.


S.Srikanthan said…
well said. no corrupt officer will change.
Niths said…
People dont know the meaning of the work "Rules" in India :( Its not that we should fine them. Money is nothing today.

Give them ticket and if a person gets 3 ticket, his licence should be revoked and he cant drive unless he goes takes the test and picks a fresh licence. Atleast for the reason of spending a day for new licence, people might think of following rules.

Again he can give money and get licence from driving school. So every department is corrupted. This is like how he shows in "Mudalvan". Corruption is a chain reaction :(

We can only write like this everyday. Nothing will change unless RULES are followed perfectly in each place.

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