YSR is now history. When accidentaly browsing channels I got hooked to the news about a missing helicopter. I never took it serious but when I learnt that the copter was missing for 9 hrs I thought there will be hands of naxals. But finally the news about bad weather, copter crash proved my guess wrong but the end result was YSR dead. All this happened so suddenly. Recently Michael Jacksons death was as sudden as this.

Though I feel like cribbing about the way our media ang government handled YSR issue, I feel nothing will be acheived by that.

YSR's interview just before he left shows him with so many plans in hand. Everything has jus vanished now.

Just goes on to show how short life is.

May his sould rest in peace.


Niths said…
You are so right. I thought the same as you have written.

I am still shocked why did he have to travel on a day when the weather was bad? That too when its well known that the route is through the forest areas and it makes things worse when the weather is not supporting :(

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