Its Sunday afternoon when i m typing this post, which prompted me to type this post. Sunday afternoons have this unique laziness attached to it. Be it in London or in Chennai I can almost touch that feeling.

When in london I used to be sitting before the laptop and listening to the sound of an occasional car zipping past London road. Here in chennai I can hear the person who collects old paper cycling around the sleeping colony shouting "Papeyee Papeyee" amidst the sound of a lonely cawing crow. These are unique to Sunday afternoons. Though it will be same for weekday afternoons as well I dont get to witness that being at home on weekdays.

But Saturday afternoons are not the same as there will be excitement in the air but sunday all excitement goes down the drain and I sit here suffocating in that choking feeling. I dont know if it's the thought of Monday being so near but Sundays are always the same. They start with lot of excitement and slowly as the day progresses its like you are in a lonely desert with no sight of any activity around you.


Rockyy said…
It's the metropolis that doesn't sleep even as the rest of India dozes off. In our urban mythology, Mumbai is the permanent enchantment, and the enchanted Mumbaikar will tell you that it's the city where dreaming is living.

And post-9/11 America knows the worth of such work. We never get tired of saying 26/11 is our 9/11. There is a huge difference. On September 12, America was not a divided country engrossed in a self-defeating blame game. It was a country united by anger and patriotism-a much-maligned word in this part of the world.

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Dan said…
well said Rockyy

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