I have noticed that Rediff reports news like Ant fallen sick in Mumbai, Flies from Mumbai suffering from dysentry but never tries to report any news from the south.

When entire Tamilnadu was/is witnessing heavy rains there is not a single news about that where as when the same pressure moved west towards Mumbai and when it started to drizzle there was a picture report about Mumbai in rains.

Its a double standard followed by these websites for whom India stops where people stop speaking in Hindi.

If you take the case of they report any news that happens in entire India.

Now who sufferes because of the double standards followed by websites like rediff, its only north indians who depend on such websites. Their knowledge will be limited to whatever they read in rediff. But if you take the case of people who visit thatstamil they will have knowldge of whatever is happening in entire India.


Sivakumar T said…
So true. Except for a handful, most of the people's knowledge is limited when it comes to Southern part of Vindhyas.

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