This is it

Watched This is it today. The movie once again proves Michael Jackson is the King. The movie showcases the enormous amount of effort that has gone into this what would have been a show like never before.

The movie shows Michael rehearsing with other dancers. We can see how cool he is and how effortlessly he does those complex movements. We can see him very cheerful and happy. His death must have been very shocking to those people who worked with him for this show day and night.

The movie shows the side of Michael we have never seen. We can see him composing, practising and being one among them.

The Earth song was awesome. The numbers They dont really care about us, Thriller would have come with extrodinary works if the shows had gone live. The world just missed an excellent show.

We will miss the excellent showman, King of pop, forever.


Niths said…
We too watched the movie here. It was good, lots of effort and planning for the show..

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