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In the west the vehicles respect the pedestrian. It will stop for one to cross the road. A pedestrian will respect the vehicle and doesn't come in its path except to cross at designated spots.

Here in our desh it doesn't matter if it is red signal or zebra crossing people drive like maniacs and pedestrians walk like zombies in all directions. If you try to wait for a pedestrian to cross the guy behind you honks the horn such that you will feel you are in front of an ambulance.

If you follow a car at a normal speed and the car in front of you is going smooth and cool be cautious. The B****d might abruptly stop to take a left or right without caring for the vehicle behind.

Almost 90% of the Tata Sumos, Toyota Innovas and Mahindra Scorpios sport a flag in front. Now this gives them license to go at double the speed limit and scare any one else who happens to be on the road at that time.

The only other B****d who is licensed to take on such vehicles sporting the flag is Metropolitan Transport Corporation buses, IT company buses and College buses.

Though we have such deadly vehicles on road which makes us run like scared rabbits into a hole there are vehicles who doesn't care even if a elephant drives past them in a water tanker. They are the TVS 50 walas and three wheelers such as ape, Piaggio etc.They drive at a leisurely speed of 20 km/hr. I salute their bravery.


S.Srikanthan said…
sad state of affairs :-(
Dan said…
whose affair with whom are you talking abt :-P
K Praveen said…
Loved this post..the way you have scolded these dummies.
Balaji S Rajan said…

I have forgotten them. You reminded them. I thought things would have improved now. But I hear from friends sad stories about pollution, traffic in all of the major cities in India. One of my friend met with an accident and is in COMA for the past nine months. He met with an accident while riding his motor cycle. The sad part due to a hot day, he decided not to wear Helmet. His wife is telling everyone who visits now, that he took the helmet and kept it back fearing for the hot sun. Poor guy! He is like a vegetable now. I wish he gets back from COMA.
Dan said…
Thats sad Balaji. Recently a friend of my friend also died in an accident. Thats what prompted me to write this post.
Anonymous said…
I already told you. One person alone cannot change the universe especially India. Better to drop these type of topics :-(

I pity for all of ur friends who were affected.

Dan said…
hello anon,

appreciate you visiting again ..
Niths said…
Thanks for the write up Ramesh. I still have not built the strength in me to write something like this!! But I will also write soon on this topic. This is a means to let out our anger though it does not give any solution!!

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