Second Car

Seems a new rule has been introduced in chennai by which one is expected to show owning parking space for the second car. Now the policy looks very good on paper. In one forum I read a person replying to this news saying RTO already pockets lot of money as bribe and now they have one more reason to increase the bribe.

In our country there is no dearth for good rules where we lack is in implementation. People will as usual show bogus addresses and blueprints for parking space and will keep buying cars.

This will only develop a market around the bogus blueprint preparation, bogus address generation etc but wont solve parking space issue.

RTO's will get richer i mean not the office in general i meant the officers. Even 1000 Indians and 1000 Anniyans can't change this fate.


Balaji S Rajan said…

I appreciate your thoughts. I can understand your frustration too. What to do? We do have millions of patriotic and honest citizens without proper leaders with good principles. It is a sad state.
Vijayan said…
You're absolutely right. Only those who are working in RTO they will become rich. In India where there is a rule? There is a bribe

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