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I watched lot of movies during the past week. I watched Irreversible, Thelma & Louise, Last Tango in Paris, Ai no corrida, 28 days later, 28 weeks later, Pineapple express, Fists of fury, Austin powers and the goldmember, Wrong turn 1.

Most of the movies from the above list were chosen by me from imdb after reading other peoples views about them. In the above list many movies will fall under controversial category expecially the first 4. Did these controversial movies live upto their exectations? Oh yes. I can write seperate posts for each of those movies but I have tried to give my view of those 4 movies in few lines below in this post.

Irreversible - Infamous for its violence and rape, camera work and sound tracl. Yes for the first 20 minutes are so the camera movements and the background music makes you dizzy. Especially if you are someone who gets sick in merry go round then you will get sick withing first 10 minutes of this movie. The violent scene was violent as everyone mentions. The rape scene does go on for a long time though there is less nudity people who are highly emotional will get sick if they watch the rape scene. More than sex, the violence with which it is depicted is what will make you sick. Its a pretty straight forward movie shown in reverse chronological order but it is easy to understand when compared to Memento. Definitely not a repeat watch material.

Thelma & Louise - This is the least controversial movie out of the 4. Two girls go on a road trip and the trauma they have to undergo and how they come out of it successfully forms the crux of the movie. Soundtrack is awesome, scenery is superb, Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon does a great job. If you are a fan of adventure movie or road movie then this movie is definitely for you. This movie is for repeated watching.

Ai no corrida - This movie has the potential to be categorised as porn but its not a porn. This is based on a true story of a Japanese woman named Sada. This incident it seems happened somewhere in 1936. There are many explicit materials so better stay away from this if you are a highly moral person. Especially the incident which made the story sensational is very gory not even people who are used to Tarantino or American psycho can watch it easily. Definitely not a repeat watch material.

Last Tango in Paris - Out of the 4, this is one movie which I was not able to figure out what was happening. This movie stars Marlon Brando and half the movie is in french and the other half is in English. The movie contains some explicit dialogues and scenes. The movie is trying to convey some message which I didnt get in first viewing. May be I have to watch once more to see if there is something that I am missing. This movie can be watched couple of times.


Friend You Know said…
Hahaha... Good Reason for watching it couple of more time :) ;)

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