National Awards

Looks like National Award for Indian movies has been announced and when we read names of some people and some movies which has been chosen for the awards, we can understand how the process and mindset of the jury would have been.

Especially in bollywood they have created infinite number of awards such as Filmfare award, star dust award, abc award and xyz award. Inside each of these awards they have categories like Most popular movie, Best movie, Most entertaining actor, Best actor, People's choice etc etc. Finally almost all the movie would have got atleast one award.

Vaaranam Aaiyram has been chosen as the best tamil film and Priyanka Chopra is the best actress. We dont have to add anything more the talk about these awards. Even oscar awards are not awarded to the right movies/actors sometimes so we can't blame awards in our country which is quite famous for you know what.


S.Srikanthan said…
Right! the quality of films as well as awards has gone down considerably.
cowey said…
dey.. watch fashion... priyanka chopra acting is no less than any good performance.. watch it if you have not...
Dan said…
ok cowey if you say then she deserves
Vijayan said…
Vaaranam Aaiyram way of thinking like story wise is pretty gud but national award is too much

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