Interesting Places

There are many places where I can spend hours being alone but without getting bored. Infact I enjoy being alone in those places without being disturbed by silly questions. A doctors clinic for example never bores me. I can wait for any long without getting annoyed when compared to people who sometimes fight to go first. It presents a variety of people with interesting mannerisms. Similarly a salon too presents such a environment. Infact reading daily thanthi in a salon is a rewarding experience.

I never get bored when attending a wedding or wedding reception. I like to sit there and enjoy the activities going around me. You can see all kind of fake people in such places. It's a good place to observe people. I will be happy there until someone puts their hand in my shoulder and says "Enna Ramesh .."

A railway station is another interesting place especially long distance train stations. Whether I am travelling or I m there for receving someone or for sending someone a station is a very interesting place to enjoy tranquility among chaos. Sometimes bus stops and airports too offer such environment.

Beach is one place which will beat all the places mentioned above. Here you will see all types of people. You can see happy people, lonely people, tourists, locals, children, old people, rich, poor and much more


K Praveen said…
what about a cubicle?
Vijayan said…
Apart from office everything is gud. Isn’t it?

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