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Recently I read about a person who is part of the communist party in India. It was mentioned casually that his daughter is in United States. I don't understand it. This party opposes anything related to US and development citing Capitalism but they send their sons and daughters to a country against which they raise their voice at the drop of the pin.
Its sad to know even communists whose fundamental principles are very down to earth and in favour of the working class doesnt follow what they preach. It's disheartening that they too run their party as any other political party.
The least they can do is not stand in the way of any development project in the name of capitalism.

Rajini - Ajith

My view on the recent issue boiling in Tamil Cinema, Ajith raised an interesting issue in the recent function. There couldnt be anyone other than Rajini who must have faced the issue what Ajith was raising. Rajini has become a victim many times for participating in many such controversial meetings. But Rajini has never raised his voice against it and he keeps participating in such meetings without worrying about the issues it brings along with it. Ajith for some reason unknown raised this issue and is now facing the faces of so called saviours of tamil culture. Rajini has also not been sparred for supporting Ajith.
Its always been the same case the so called top guns need Rajini when they want and they throw him away when they dont need him. Jaguar Thangam has suddenly became a most talked about guy recently by talking like an idiot in a hopeless magazine. I will not blame Thangam but would rather blame this useless magazine Ananda Vikatan. This magazine which never has any useful info…

Bomb Blast

Another Bomb Blast and the Home ministry gives a statement saying that the states were warned of an attack. Whenever there is a attack they say that the states were warned. Its not only in India everywhere people tell after things have happened that they told so.

Its perfectly clear its intelligence failure and that too a country like India where chaos rules roost. Whatevery they do they will not be able to stop these things. There has to be lot of changes to achieve that which I dont think we will be able to do. In case they are able to stop something its nothing but pure luck.

Masala Mix

Vadivelu and Singamuthu confrontation was a total surprise. No one would have expected those two will at tug of war with each other. And no one would have imagined that Vadivelu will have any problems in life. So being Vadivelu also doesnt help us to live without problems there will be a Singamuthu in every ones life.
Few days back witnessed an accident for which a Indica Taxi driver was fully responsible. The two wheeler ride who happened to be a software engineer did a somersault in air before hitting the ground. Though he was not injured, he was just few steps away from eternity. Though I wanted to beat the taxi driver black and blue but I didnt do anything. Every taxi driver in chennai drives their car, be it ambassador or indica, as if theirs is the only car on road.
Only recently read about the Rathore case and was not surprised at the way he has been playing with law. Finally one Anniyan had to come to scratch his face.
Its irritating to see when people praising directors …