Rajini - Ajith

My view on the recent issue boiling in Tamil Cinema, Ajith raised an interesting issue in the recent function. There couldnt be anyone other than Rajini who must have faced the issue what Ajith was raising. Rajini has become a victim many times for participating in many such controversial meetings. But Rajini has never raised his voice against it and he keeps participating in such meetings without worrying about the issues it brings along with it. Ajith for some reason unknown raised this issue and is now facing the faces of so called saviours of tamil culture. Rajini has also not been sparred for supporting Ajith.

Its always been the same case the so called top guns need Rajini when they want and they throw him away when they dont need him. Jaguar Thangam has suddenly became a most talked about guy recently by talking like an idiot in a hopeless magazine. I will not blame Thangam but would rather blame this useless magazine Ananda Vikatan. This magazine which never has any useful information has published in the name of an interview a useless article which has led to all this issue.

This type of magazines and people like Thangam are like mosquitos thogh we dont want to give them any importance they will keep flying over our ears with an irritating buzzing sound. They wont stop unless someone crushes them. But they will escape few blows before they meet their fatal blow. Looking forward to that day that these type of people and magazines like Ananda Vikatan are wiped out for ever.


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