Paranormal Activity

This movie has just two characters, taken using a hand held camera, taken inside a house no out door shots, there are no scary ghosts in weird costumes but still its holds your attention right from the word go. You want to know what happens.

Do you know what happens inside our house when everyone goes to sleep? Are we the only people living in our house? Is there something staring at us all through the night? Whats that creaking sound that we hear in the kitchen when we are in our bed? Is it just the wood expanding or something else comes out of the deep and prances inside our house?

If you are someone who lies in bed afraid to close eyes because of the "someone is watching me" syndrome then this movie is definitely for you. If you liked Blair witch you will love this as well.


Vijayan said…
It was really happened and that they made it as movie. Those who are not accepting the devil they must have to watch this in order to trust the true god.

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