For the opening of the new Assembly entire Chennai is being disturbed. They have mentioned the entire Anna Salai will be blocked between Meenambakkam and the new Assembly. The currently chief minister way of spending and the way people sing praises of him reminds us of the days of Jayalalitha. People are going out of the way to sing praises about him and money is spent lavishly not on actual construction but for the opening ceremonies. He keeps promising freebies after freebies. With the entire media from Newspaper, Television, Movie, been taken over by his family members its slowly becoming like dictatorship.

The idiots who will do anything for a glass of Romonov and a plate of Chicken 65, have tied so many posters along the GST road with many of them hanging dangerously. There have been instances in the past people dying in road accidents caused by these posters. Isn't there any fucking rule which prohibits this? The cops have merely become security guards for politicians and nothing more. These hopeless people put ban against flying kites citing danger to motorists.

Even basic rules are being violated in this country, going to court doesnt help in anyway as the first thing the court does is to postpone the hearing.

Fuck it.


Balaji S Rajan said…

I can understand your frustrations. I have been through the same many times in the past. Kindly mind your language. A person of your level, should not go down and slip words. Please do not mistake me. This is just a gentle reminder.
Dan said…
sorry Balaji ..
Vijayan said…
Hai Bal,
What to do?
We’re all human beings how long we should keep quite until the heart attack to put all the frustration in to that and one day it’ll blast like volcano better shout them and leave this as a ordinary person at least reduce our burden.
Bcoz in this country
“The things will never changed so we’ll have to change our self”
Balaji S Rajan said…

I agree with you. People like us do get frustrated. Dani has been maintaining a decorum in the internet and has been writing lot of thought provoking stuff. We do see certain miscreants in the web world who use filthy language. Just out of concern, I do not want Dani to fall prey. That is it.
S.Srikanthan said…
very well said Balaji... Dan Pls Pls U should not never go out of your decorum

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