Chungking Express

This is one movie which will leave a smile on your face. I bought this movie not because for the director Kar Wai Wong because I didnt know much about him. I bought this movie after I watched "In the mood for love" by the same director which I bought accidentaly. When checking out "In the mood for love" in imdb I came across ChungKing express and went ahead and bought it.

Since I didnt read through the story I was expecting some kind of surreal movie with which I might find difficult to associate. But I was in for a pleasent surprise. The movie has a very simple plot which I was able to appreciate.

I was not very happy with the movie In the mood for love but still it was a good movie with a nice soundtrack. In ChungKing the director takes a humoristic approach and it is very light and interesting.

The movie has two love stories and the second one is longer than the first one. The first one is about love between a lonely cop who was dumped by his girlfriend and a ruthless drug dealer. Only negative about this part is it ends abruptly.

The second one is also about love between a lonely cop who was dumped by his girlfriend and a waitress. This story is a bit more interesting than the first one. Especially the actors Tony Leung and Faye Wong were excellent. We dont see the lead actors conveying the love as any other movie but it is shown in a different way. The ending will leave you with a smile on your face.

In imdb I could see some set of people didnt like the movie because there was absolutely no plot or anything in it. But thats what makes in interesting. The situations is what makes this movie more interesting.

If you like soft romance then go ahead and get a copy.


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