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Last week I got the opportunity to watch some movies which we categorise as non commercial in Lumiere TV. These movies had featured sometime in the past in the Cannes Festival.

It started with an Italian movie The Sons Room. There's a family of four. The father, mother and their son and daughter. The son dies in a freak accident and the family has to live through the thoughts of him. How they cope up with it was brought very beautifully. They come to know that their son had a girl friend and she helps them to overcome the grief.

The next movie was an English movie Garage made in Ireland. The movie was categorised as urban alienation. The movie is about a guy who works in a local Garage and struggles mingle with the society. The society makes fun of him though he is harmless. Finally he finds a friend in a teenager but the society again thinks wrong of him and he is made to take a very sad decision. The movie has some very beautiful and haunting locations.

The last movie was a movie made in Iraq called Kilometer Zero. I didnt watch the full movie but from what I saw it was again well made. Its about the conflict between Arabs and the Kurds. Its a road movie and has some fantastic desert cinematography.

All the above movies were slow paced, beautifully filmed and very engaging plots. Though the movies are set in totaly different cultures we can easily relate to the characters.


K Praveen said…
Looks like u might have a list of foreign language movies next time we go there!

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