Due to some heavy recommendation from a friend I came across the blogsite of author Charu Nivedita sometime back. Though I have my own views on many things written there for this post I will limist myself to the current raging controversy in that site. Seems Charu was called for the Vijay TV Program Neeya Naana and was asked to apologise in public.

Charu's article and people who have responded to him on this case focus only on one point which is "How can Charu be asked to apologise for being a follower of Nithyananda?".

I didnt see the program mentioned but from what Charu himself has described looks like Gopi from Neeya Naana has asked Charu if he is ready to apologise not for following Nithyananda but for leading other people also to follow Nithyananda as he has in some way recommended Nithyananda as a real saint.

We can also see series of hate mails on Gopinath and the Neeya Naana crew. Lets imagine another situation where Gopi had praised Charu through this program, will people still be complaining against Neeya Naana?

Neeya Naana is a hopeless program and Gopinath is a hopeless Compere this is the truth whether he praises or abuses Charu. Infact Vijay TV programs are all nothing but marketing gimmicks. They will show a strong trailer like Nadanthathu enna etc but they will not come to the point till the end of the program. There will be a 3 mins advt for every 2 min of the actual program. So it will be better to ignore this hopeless TV channel and its useless programs.

Coming back to this issue, it only raises the question if someone recommends X to me and I startfollowing X and finally if its proved X is a humbug, should the person who recommended X to me apologise to me or not?


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