The Mist

The trailer, friends recommendation and ofcourse the director and author combo made me desperate to watch this movie. Was the movie as good as The Shawshank Redemption or The Green Mile? A pretty straightforward answer is no. This movie is not in the same league as the other two.

What I liked in The Mist?

1) As a horror fan I loved the theme. An entire town (who knows what happened outside the town) gets covered by a mist. This movie just concentrates on a group of people who gets trapped in a shop.
2) The movie definitely has some eerie moments and the creatures (except for the first one with tentacles) do look good and generate some scare.
3) If you ask me to list the best scene in the movie its definitely the huge monster which walks with a haunting bellow towards the end of the movie.
4) The climax was not something which I expected, it was kind of a twist but it was kind of not kind of a jolt.

What I didnt like in The Mist?

1) Cliched characters. We have been used to so many horror movies that the characters in these movies also fit to those horror movie template. A guy who doesnt believe in what people who actually saw the monsters say. People who dont listen to people asking them not to venture outside and end up getting killed.
2) The christian character was a bit over the top.
3) The mob hysteria was kind of haste.
4) The good people are overtly sympathetic towards the kid which kind of makes it annoying to watch.

Overall if you are a horror fan you will like this movie but will it be at the top of our list is the question?


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