The Descent

Are you a fan of horror movies? Are you a fan of adventure movies? If yes then this is one movie which you shouldn't miss.

It's about a group of six women who go on a cave expedition and the problems they have to face there.

The dialogues feels silly at times expecially the few initial scenes the women spend in the cabin. Also during the end of the movie comes a scene which many might feel is not justified. I too felt the same about the scene. There are times when one women or other does the same mistake which many do in horror movies like doing something which they weren't supposed to do. If we can overlook these two things the movie is just awesome.

Many scenes made me feel claustraphopic, many scenes brings us to the edge of our seat. I was not bored even for a second we keep wishing that the women come out safely as they keep facing one problem after another.

Overall its an awesome movie.


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