Wanted to listen to the songs in my own CD so avoided listening in FM and mp3s which were available from 30th.

Today bought the CD from Landmark Spencer plaza.

Here is my experience on listening to Enthiran songs for the first time.

The first song Puthiya Manitha started with a electronic voice and went on as some school prayer. I was kind of hoping for some exciting opening but the starting was quite contrary to my expectations and slowly SPBs voice started and I could see myself falling into the rhythm but before I could enjoy it fully the music was over.

I fast forwarded the next song Kadhal Anukal as I read that it was a melody as I wanted a fast beat song.

Next song Irumbil oru Idhayam had some heavy beats but I couldnt gel into the song.

The next song was just music Chitti dance and again I was not impressed.

Then came the song of the album Arima Arima I was totally mesmerised by the song awesome song. I liked Hariharans voice with full energy.

The song that followed Kilmenjaro is a very jolly song enjoyed it thoroughly on the first listening itself.

The next song that followed was Boom Boom Robot da which was again with different beats but I couldnt gel with it in my first listening.

But as I continued listening to the songs they are growing within me and the first song Puthiya Manitha is awesome. Irumbil oru Idhayam, Chitti, Boom Boom Robot and Kadhal Anukaal are also slowly getting into me.

Overall a very good album.

As of now I rate the songs as follows

1) Arima Arima
2) Puthiya Manitha
3) Kilmenjaro
4) Irumbil oru Idhayam
5) All other songs

But I m sure after repeated hearing the order might change.


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