The above title doesn't need any introduction in the internet world but I was not as impressed by the movie as the most of the fans around the world.

First reason I couldn't gel with this movie is a person doesn't dream always so its not like you can make me sleep and come into my dream just like that. If they had told its like entering into the other persons mind then that makes sense.

Anyways Nolan sets up lot of his own rules and moves the story within those rules. There so much left to the viewers interpretation. When you watch a movie at the end of it there should be a satisfaction that you understood whatever happened in the movie but when Inception was over I only had lot of questions.

When I search the net for answers and talk to people who said the movie was a masterpiece everyone has their own interpretation. There can be intelligent movies but it shouldn't become like I should watch the movie and then read a book to understand what happened in the movie.

I felt the movie dragged a lot and had many subplots to confuse the viewer.

Again I find a set of reviewers who drag names like Kubrick, Spielberg to say how great a movie that Nolan has made. I can only feel these people just go with the world and lack views of their own. Kubrick's movies or Lynch's movies are not likable movies they are just open ended movies which are difficult to understand but these so called reviewers quote Kubrick and Lynch at the drop of a hat as if they have understood all their works.

Inception like movies will only give birth to lot of fake intellectuals.

This blog is not a criticism about the movie as I don't think I can review this movie as I have far too many open questions. This blog is about all those so called reviewers who keep praising this movie without even understanding anything about this movie.


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