Its been a long time since I posted a post on traffic which doesn't mean all iz well in chennai. Chennai has only gotten worse. With the metro work started major portion of all the major roads are being occupied and it is nightmare to travel.

It doesnt matter what time is it always roads are choking with traffic. I don't think the Metro is going to improve the traffic condition in anyway. It is only going to bring out more people outside. The way the metro line is aligned is along the mount road. No new routes have been identified. We cant blame them as the roads are the only spaces currently open in chennai beneath which we can dig safely. They can't dig anywhere else as they themselves dont know what they might encounter if they dig underground in residential areas.

Unless other cities are developed chennai will only get worse. Instead of developing chennai (which i dont think is possible) they can concentrate on creating some great cities farther from chennai.


K Praveen said…
There are no signboards about the constructions areas and route changes too. Every chance that we ram into those construction boards by accident.
Dan said…
thats the aim :(
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
hello dany,

Not only Chennai, visit the other metropolis in India, and I am sure you will accept that Chennai is much better just like me...:-(

Vijayan said…
We all know chennai will change compare to other metro cities it'll be no one but before finish metro project there going to be lots of people sacrifice their life in this project due to traffic and etc...

Its look like operation success but patient dead

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