Last in first out

In our country everyone wants to come last and go first. You can see this anywhere you go. Few common places where you can see such thing are Petrol bunks, weddings, hotels, movies, bus stops, traffic signals and it goes on...

In petrol bunks when you stand behind the person whos getting petrol the next guy who comes will never wait behind you but he would rather form another chain behind the person before you because he wants to leave first though you were there first. After petrol if you move to the air point again there it will be more chaos with 5 to 10 people wanting to be first ..

In traffic signals its always the guy who comes last will leave first as he will cross everyone and violate all lines and stand before everyone. Chances are if someone comes after him then he will become second in line ..

This act you can notice in all well educated people also. Try going to KFC in chennai you will see people who doesnt have the basic queue sense. All they want to do is eat bucket full of chicken. One good thing is this is not common to one gender. Both gender do this act very nicely.

I hate to go to petrol bunks, hotels, malls for this one reason. The problem is 99% doesnt even will agree with me and they will say "இதுல என்னப்பா இருக்கு". I cant even share this feeling to anyone except this hopeless blog where I can block such "இதுல என்னப்பா இருக்கு" guys (which I dont do either infact not even such guys visit this blog).


S.Srikanthan said…
wat abt our foodcourts ;-)
S.Srikanthan said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Saidapet Gaja said…
இதுல என்னப்பா இருக்கு
Dan said…
vanakkam gaja
Anonymous said…
No one will change. No use venting out our anger

Dan said…
இதுல என்ன அனான் இருக்கு
Vijayan said…
Hats Off my dear favorite Author, Ur the one and only Who really wants to change this world those who're trying to be like U they'll definitely welcome U and they will at least follow these basic rules.

Some people are there who will adjust anything, They're like as U said இதுல என்னப்பா இருக்கு category, Am just asking if somebody steal their property, can they say இதுல என்னப்பா இருக்கு?

Never they cant say...

Rule is a rule, Every one should follow, My anguish is this world should have to change
Like U & me there're so many people are suffering

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