After a long time if I can say I was impressed with a movie then it was Crash. From the word go there was not a dull or boring moment. It was just awesome. The movie reminded me a lot of Babel and 21 Grams to some extent because I have seen them both before this movie.

The concept is very intense we can almost feel that we are there suffering with the characters. We dont see cinematic characters who always stand for the right and do the right thing instead we see characters who want to do the right thing but for reasons they do what the dont want to do.

The director is able to evoke all our feelings without having to resort to death. Any movie that deals with death will be emotional but to make an emotional movie without death involved is a great attempt. Though there is one final death it comes a surprise the story doesnt lead you to that death.

This is one movie which should not be missed.


K Praveen said…
Nice you watched this movie finally! When is the next purchase date? :-)

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