Wolf Creek

Wolf Creek is one movie which has a plot common to many of the horror movies but where it differs is in the execution. The movie for some reason does not have the commercial movie look which is what makes it difficult to watch it. The scenes look more authentic and hits at our face than Texas chainsaw or The hills have eyes ..

The movie captures the scenic beauty of Australia outback in an awesome way. The movie starts off very slowly and there are not too many characters its just 3 characters and none of them irritate us with the usual antics horror movie characters do.

The travel to Wolf Creek and the Wolf Creek in itself looks great.

As the movie goes on it gets difficult to watch as the characters undergo lot of problems. The scenes have lot more impact because it is filmed in a raw way compared to the movies we have seen in the past like Hostel or Saw. The Gore in Hostel or Saw is different this movie without that gore manages to have more impact.

If you are a horror movie fan don't miss this.


K Praveen said…
Authentic as you said. And the scene where the old man's flask gets shot is so creepy.

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