Chariots of fire

1924 Olympics, Eric Liddel and Harold Abrahams. The movie capatures the important moments in these two atheletes life. This is one movie where you root for the characters to win. This movie is both about spirituality and sports. If you are a christian you would be able to relate to the character Eric Liddel a lot.

Liddel is from Scotland a devout christian and Abrahams is a Jew. Both of them love running and they want to prove a point by winning in Olympics. So they practise like hell and make lot of sacrifises to fulfil their dream.

Liddel at one point has to choose between his love for GOD or love for sports.

The moments the atheletes run, their emotions have been captured beautifuly. You feel for them when they lose and you share their joy when they win. Such is the attachment we develop with the characters.

The movie is definitely worth multiple viewings.

I dont have to mention about the movie's soundtrack which is a universal hit.


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