Enthiran - Robot

The wait was long 2 yrs during its making and 10 days after its release. Finally saw Enthiran at Devi at mount road.

It's always a pleasure to wait for a Rajni movie. Reading so many news that comes out during its making and looking at the occasional stills that come out always increases the expectations for the movie. That too when Shankar joins hands with Rajni then the expectations double.

Coming to the theater I know Devi has one of the worst enterance for a theater and expected chaos but hoped there will be better traffic management but as expected it was horrible. To park your vehicle you nees special skillset. After parking got the tickets and there was a queue to enter into the cinema hall.

The hall was huge and the airconditioning was great and it looked pretty good. The theater was full.

Now all set and I started to enjoy the final moments before watching the most expected movie.

The movie opens up with Sun picture logo and Kalanithi Maran name. Then comes the much awaited Superstar logo which has been changed and it looks good but the background score doesnt have same effect.

The movie doesnt waste time and goes straight to the point and we see Rajni minus usual intro. From then on Shankar doesnt waste any moment he just tries to explain the concept of Robot in layman's terms and he succeeds to a large extent and the audiences are'nt bored either.

There are couple of scenes especially the romance scenes between Rajni and Aiswarya which stands out without any link to the story. They jus act as starters for songs.

Rajni as the scientist just hangs around in the first half but Chitti steals the show. Shankar sets the base for second half very well. The first half is breezy.

The second half also starts off well and ends well with some awesome graphics never seen even before.

Music is a total let down atleast in first viewing the music did not stand out as expected. Songs were hopeless comparatively Sivaji song picturisation was very good. Though Rajni and Aiswarya look great in the songs the choreography was not there at all. Rajni doesnt do any steps he just walks, smiles and gives the usual pose. So none of the songs had that energy. Kilimanjaro was colourful and Arima was slightly better of the lot.

Rajni for some reason doesnt show much action he mostly relies on his charisma. Though as villain Robot he is awesome he is not in his usual elements and the story also doesnt give scope for any Rajnisms. The chitti dance was awesome though we know it must be someone else behind the Rajni mask it was just awesome. In Sivaji Shankar showed us what if Rajni was was white, here Shankar shows what if Michale Jackson had the looks of Rajni. Similarly the train fight scene was awesome. I could see Rajni has become a bit lean especially in the initial scientist role he looks very lean. The scientist Rajni for some reason reminded me of Jhonny barber Rajni.

The graphics at the end is just awesome I was afraid that there might look amatuerish but it was thoroughly professional.

Aiswarya rai looks good in most of the scenes sometimes her age can be seen.

The movie is totaly a directors movie that is Shankars movie and Rajni occupies the movie from start to end. There is no scope for anyone else. As a director Shankar has excelled. Though the movie has a classy look during scenes set indoor the outdoor scenes gives the movie a local look with hopeless Indian police chase, Petrol tanker lorry etc.

At some places the dialogue was just hopeless especially when the scientist Rajni scolds the Robot. He uses pakka local words like Poriki, Maramandai etc. If Kamal had played the role I m not sure he would have uttered the same dialgoues. Otherwise the dialgoues were good. I enjoyed the arguments between Chitti and Vaseegaran. There are many quality dialogues which we have never seen before in Rajni movies. For the first time I saw Rajni uttering Kavidhai on screen. Also he uses lot of English words and complicated Tamil words too. These were first time seen in Rajni movie.

After long time Rajni's movie makes us emotional in many scenes.

Though we have seen many english movies this movie has not borrowed any scenes may be Terminator part 1.

Overall its a different Rajni movie its also different Tamil movie. Though everything was good about the movie it just didnt make me go ga ga (The last scenes did make me go gaga). Even Avatar didnt do it for me. I might watch it once more and there have been times when I have loved movies only during second viewing. As a Shankar movie, the movie rocks but as a Rajni movie I expected fireworks from Rajni which I didnt get though I could occasionally see the sparks in Villain Robot's performance.


Vijayan said…
Ya genious your absolutely right but little worried about shankar since his style only overwhelming in the full of movie not rajini.
As rajini said while audio releasing he was acted like just one of the co-actors bcoz shankar has driven him over the movie so no unique style of rajini... that was greate draw back in the Enthiran
Normarly if I watched any rajini’s movie the effect will be there atleast weeks go… but Enthirn once I stepped out from theater no feeling at all since its full of graphics. As U said like atleast one Atiradi songs in Sivaji which I was expected in this movie, nothing I found except like Jack dance though it was some one else.
Ish acted as aged woman not like actors or earlier days
Though in that movie have 2 gud comedians but they’re become useless bcoz of shankar as I stated in my first line.
Anyway I tried to watch 2nd time to findout some feed of the movie then I’ll rate it till now ……….
Niths said…
Had been eager to read ur review. As you know I am not able to watch the movie still :( Ur comments make me feel, ur not really happy to the level I expected :(
Dan said…

For Rajini movie its always the case. difficult to meet my expectations but on second viewing my expectations will be rightly set and I will enjoy it better ..

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