Masala mix

Saw Boss Engira Baskaran this weekend and it was a laugh riot from start to end. Full credits to the director who earlier gave another breezy movie Siva manasula sakthil. Songs were also good in Boss.. Wish more such movies are made in tamil.

Humidity in chennai is getting unbearable with no breeze out there and heat wave in october doing its work I dont see any respite. The city looks like a dead city with not even a single leaf nodding its head. Everything looks like a statue and the house acts like a huge cooker. Its very unpleasant to sit inside the home. It doesnt mean outside is better.

They were showing The last house on the left in HBO. I dont know how they show movies like that. Anyway they are going to chop of lot of scenes. That too they were showing it in prime time at 9 PM on a Sunday.


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