Besant Nagar

This post is not about Besant Nagar but Besant Nagar features in this post. New Years Day and I was supposed to be at Besant Nagar beach around 6:30 PM. For a change after a long time decided to take the public transport as I know finding car/bike parking in Besanth Nagar will be equal to India winning Indo-Pak war.

Took train from Palavanthangal till Saidapet and started waiting in Saidapet for 47 A or 23 C. The bus stop was very crowded and every minute the crowd was just swelling. There were people who couldnt even stand continuosly for more than a minute. Neither 23 C nor 47 A came for a long time. Then there was a 23 C but it was jam packed. So as I was wondering what to do there came an empty bus and when I noticed it was headed towards Adyar depot without third thought I boarded it.

From Adyar depot I was waiting for a bus to Besant Nagar but none came and finally decided to take a walk and the entire road was choked with traffic. I could see Wagon R, Ritz, Swift, Spark, Figo etc all stuck in traffic. It was very difficult even to walk and all bike guys and cycle wallaws gave some scares.

It was a long walk and I was glad I didnt come by bike or car. Finally reached Besant Nagar around 7 PM. Its not over yet. When it was time to leave I decided to take the bus from Terminus as I thought the chances of getting a seat is high and also I can board leisurely. But only after I reached Besant Nagar I realised you need to know the rules for boarding a bus. People get into the bus before it can get into the terminus. By the time it reaches terminus its jam packed as if its half way through its journey.

After a wait for some 30 mins and no sign of any bus to saidapet I did something which I hate to do. Checked an auto walla if he can take me to the depot. He asked me 50 Rs. Those who know the distance between the terminus and depot can understand how preposterous it is. He said as if Adyar depot is in Afghanistan. I chastised myself for talking to the auto walla and started waiting patiently for the never coming bus. Atlast it came and somehow I got into the bus before it reached the terminus but when I saw that people were even ready to kill someone for a seat I didnt get the guts to fight for a seat. Some people were holding seats for people who will get in once the bus reached the terminus.

The bus was jam packed and it remained in the terminus for another 10, 15 mins before it started. By the time it reached Saidpet I was worn out and it was around 10:30 PM. There were some drunken romeos in the bus as well. Now I hoped the remaining part of the journey will be peaceful. I expected trains to be crowdless on a sunday night around 10:45 PM. But I was proved wrong by the time I got down at Palavanthangal the crowd took away my rest of the spirit which the bus had left.

It was an experience for me but for some its day today life.


Niths said…
I might be reading and replying to this post pretty later but still I felt its worth a reply :)
1. Good Decision to take public transport :)
2. You should have taken the thiruvanmyur or Adyar buses than waiting for 23 C and 47 A. That would have made u feel far better. And waiting at Adyar depot again for a bus is hopeless. You better walk to beach is the right decision to make :)
3. At night time, Buses in Besant Nagar would be less crowded but being Jan 1 was the reason for the mess! Auto guys charging 50 to Depot is ridiculous!!! They should be shot on the spot for demanding such amount!!
4. Trains being crowded at 10.45PM again surprised me... I think from the moment you left home to the moment you got home, had been an unforgetable experience :P

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