Zero Planning Total Chaos

After reading about the Book Fair happening in chennai through various forums I decided let me go and check that out. For some reason I knew it will be a failure from the start. I decided to take the TNagar, Nungambakkam, Ega route and was hit on the face with heavy traffic right from Saidapet. It was so difficult to negotiate the traffic by the time I reached Loyola I was exhausted but there in Loyola was traffic which was worst compared to what I faced in TNagar.

By the time I reached the venue I was totally drained and the planners of the Book fair had done a great job of making the entrance and the exit the same gate and no one was able to go inside and no one was able to come outside.

In chennai nowadays everyone working in a IT company marries a IT girl and buys a Santro or Spark and use it to commute even to buy vegetables. The entrance was choking with vehicles thanks to the traffic police nothing changed. Though I was thanking myself to have come by bike once inside there was utter chaos with no guidance on where to park. By the time I parked I felt I had just won Olympic 100 mts race.

The book fair as such is huge with so many publishers and so many books but I didnt find any good offers all books had the same price as we get in Landmark. The only best part is there were so many publishers that the chances of you finding a book of you liking was high.

Another great thing is though it was Saturday the organisers were interested in closing the fair by 8:30 PM another excellent way to plan.


S.Srikanthan said…
i think we have been telling this for quite a while.. there seems to be no escape route for metropolis

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