Eden Lake

When you think that you have just seen almost all scary movies that could be made and when you complement youself that nothing can scare you beyond Texas chainsaw, Hills have eyes, Wrong turn, Wolf creek etc here comes Eden lake.
Though this movie follows the stereotype of all other movies one thing thats special about this movie is at some point you would have come across the characters such as the yobs shown in this movie. Those who have been to UK will be able to relate.
There are some cliches thrown in like the guy wanting to give his girlfriend the ring and some fake scares but overall you will feel for the couples and you would pray to GOD that revenge will be served cold to the yobs. The ending will leave you even more frustrated and helpless but I feel thats the success of the movie.
If you are a fan of horror movies dont miss this .. but be prepared to face the consequences of watching a gruesome movie.


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