Lucky Robots

When Robots or Machines are shutdown they are shutdown. There are some machines which is supposed to keep track of time though it is shutdown but still we can call it shutdown. Machines rested better than us. For us I dont know where we are heading. I used to wonder what will happen if I take off for more than a week? How will the show run? Now after being out of office more than a week I got the answer. Yes the show will go on and you will still be running the show. You are expected to run the show.
Even when you are taking a shit you are expected to hold on to your mobiles. The worst part is many people enjoy this life style. The moment you start to crib they say this is why you are paid. I feel like holding a tiger by its tail. I can neither leave it not hold it.
People dont call you to enquire if you are feeling ok. Even if they ask there will be a hidden work behind that question.
How long can you run like this? How long can your body take it?
Something has to be done soon ..


S.Srikanthan said…
U r spot on..

I hope all are hale and healthy in your family. I have never seen U writing like this publicly..
what happened?
K Praveen said…
Let's meet the DVD guy on Saturday. Will have some fun! :D
Dan said…
hale and healthy i have seen this term some where
S.Srikanthan said…
Pls dont share this blog post with your manager ;-)

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