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Watched couple of movies over the week. Revisted The straight story and its cinematography charmed me the same way it charmed me years ago. The soundtrack is something I m searching for ..
My Sassy Girl After reading about this movie on the net I waited patiently to get hold of the Korean version. The movie begining gives you away that you can expect some sentimental ending. Then the movie goes on for another 1 hr in a very light way. It was good to see the streets of Korea, its subways everything reminds of the fact there are people far away living life the same way we do. Two strangers meet and the girl is of dominant type. The movie reminded me in someway of 500 days of summer as they fall in and out of love. Finally the movie takes the sentimental route and has a feel good ending. I read that this is based on the true story and the true story doesnt end the same way this movie ends.

Serpico was another movie which I watched and the movie is about corruption within the police department and its based on true story. This movie is about Ambi of shankar and what he has to go through for being honest. The movie is not cinematic is more realistic. We can almost feel for Serpico. this movie reminded me of Taxi Driver to some extent. At the end of the day its a futile battle against corruption.


S.Srikanthan said…
I saw the korean movie 2 weeks before. it was good...

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