Traffic Signals

Chennai Traffic Police always finds innovative ways to make a problem worse. One such interesting way they follow is operating all traffic signals manually. They think that solves the traffic problem during peak hours. In the name of manual operation they will open one side of the traffic and keep it open till all vehicles in that side is cleared.

In that mean time traffic will be piling up on the other three sides now when they open the next side again they will keep it open for as long as it takes for the traffic on that side to clear. Sometimes you might even be made to wait for 5 full minutes.

The manual operation of the signal will be given to any guy who is the friend of the traffic police. And road users will be at the mercy of that individual. He will open one side and will start talking to his friends for a long time during which you will keep watching him when he will show mercy and open your side of the traffic.


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