What will you do in the following situation.

You see a guy riding a bike and he suddenly slows down and drives as if he is the only person on road. You adjust yourself and when you come closer to him you see he has a live cigeratte in his hand and he slowly lifts it and smokes it. A bus crosses him and it doesnt even bother his smoking and he balances the bike skillfuly.

a) You admire his skill and move forward
b) Convey to him that you were floored by his riding skills and make him the official head driving instructor for chennai
c) Pluck the cigeratte out of his hand and make him smoke it through some other orifice in his body.


Anonymous said…
What did you do?

Dan said…
i thought i should post a blog about this and moved on :(

- D
Niths said…
@Dan-Post in blog and move on.... LOL
Can I have a option d - scold him and continue my driving?? Because I think most people do only that!!
Dan said…
how can you scold him and what will you scold him
Niths said…
Every now and then we hear someone scolding someone else in the road..adha dhan naanum solraen...btw what i will scold is censored :P

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