Open Water

There are some movies we watch knowing very well that the characters are doomed from the word go. The moment its tagged as based on a true story, it adds lot more punch to it.

Open Water is one such movie. Not all will be willing to watch it once they know the premise of it but for me I am interested in such movies. Sometimes some movies will be very difficult for second viewing as the tragic ending will be haunting us. Movies like Green Mile, Dead Man Walking, City of Angels fall into this category.

After watching Open Water second time I realised I hadnt written about this movie and so is this blog.

The suffering the couple undergoes is beyond imagination. Everytime when we put us in their shoes we can feel we are right there in the middle of the action. When we know there were real people who underwent such suffering and much more our heart just goes out to them.

I m looking forward to Adrift.


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