Voting experience in Chennai could be headache inducing and nauseating as well. Wednesday around 3:15 PM I reached the venue, a school, and was surprised to see the long queue. Final I joined the queue and immediately was welcomed with the strong stench of Pan Parag. The guys in front of me kept spitting every minute. If only one could tie these guys near some plants, these guys will provide the "சொட்டு நீர் பாசனம்" for those plants. A snail could have easily beaten the speed with which the queue moved forward.

Not to mention the முந்திரி கொட்டைஸ் in the queue who want to go in first though there are people standing before him/her. Though the voting happens through electronic vending machine there is huge amount of paper work happening inside which slows the process considerably. By the time your turn arrives you are in bad shape smelling Pan Parag all over you.

There are some geniuses who go and stand before the machine and take their sweet time in pressing the button.

All in all it was not a pleasent experience in any way.


Niths said…
Queue - Its there from 8AM till the last minute in the evening because there is just one EVM inside. Also the senior citizens are allowed the moment they come which ends up delay in regular queue!! Ofcourse the senior citizens should not be made to wait but it would have been better had there been more EVM for each room or more rooms!!

Paper work and government jobs go hand in hand ;-) They cant do anything if there is no paper and pen and not to forget - Blue pen for them to right and black for us to sign :)

The one positive out of this voting is that the vote % has increased!!
Dan said…
you made the mistake of right and write :) which i make often
Niths said…
ur right... :)
Anonymous said…
hope u had a good voting exp

-urs Anon

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