Y Tu Mama Tambien

Watched this movie with lot of expectations but was let down totally. I always look forward to road movies and this one came with such a tag. The movie also came with a tag that there might be some explicit scenes. I thought it will be a double bonanza and settled before the tele.

The movie starts with an explicit love making scene making the expectation to soar very high. But right after that scene I felt the movie fell just flat. The movie is about two kids taking along with them an adult woman for a road trip. There was a voice over as well.

There was no character building the movie just jumped scene after scene where the kids talk a lot about sex and finally take a wife of their cousin along with them on a road trip. The movie doesnt even try to cover the beauty of the roadside instead it keeps showing the three talking about sex, sex and more sex.

When we were wondering where the hell, all of this is leading too the movie ends with no meaning. At the end you just feel you wasted 2 hours of your time. I tried very hard to like the movie but its certainly not my cup of tea.


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