Anna Hazare - Rajini

India is going crazy with Anna Hazare .. if it works out I will be happy but will it? May be to some extent but will it have any impact for me? I dont think so .. Life will be same before and after Lokpal Bill.

Again Rajini Sir has given a Arikkai supporting Anna Hazare. Sometime back there used to be a politicion who lived just by giving Arikkais. He was Vazhapadi Ramamurthy. Rajini has become a man of Arikais. He just keeps raising his hand to inform he is still very much there.


Niths said…
Should I assume ur expecting more from Rajini or u prefer him to stay calm??
K Praveen said…
Dr. Vijay has left to Ramlila Maidhan already. Engal Ilaya Thalapathi!
Dan said…
Rajini should either come out in full force and face the music or he should stop giving arikais.
some people still believe he will do much more than arikais.

ilaya thalapathy ddoctor though his goal is crooked atleast takes decision
Anonymous said…
what do you think about "thala" Ajith?
Dan said…
thala and thalapathi both are way above everyone else
S.Srikanthan said…
hey... naan thani aalu ila... :-)
dont compare thala ;-)


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